Types of Operators

There are 3 main types of operators:

Larger Tour Providers

These are the largest operators and the safest option for many travellers. However, this level of security comes at a premium price. Expect highly experienced drivers, clean and well maintained cars, excellent customer service and a generally trouble free experience.

Local Tour Operators

If you are on a budget this is where you will probably find the best value for money. However, very few companies have trusted online reputations and often their prices will reflect this. Also realise that when a company does have a solid online reputation they will most likely be stretching themselves in all areas in a bid to deal with increased demand. This is known as the “TripAdvisor Effect”; better reputation = more demand = worse customer service. If you are not afraid to take a little risk you might find a much better deal with one of the lesser known companies.

Freelance Drivers

A driver or guide with a personal website or Facebook page who deals directly with tourists. This is the riskiest of all options but probably the cheapest as the driver will be able to charge you a price free of the commissions normally taken by tour operators and travel agencies.

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