Tourist Drivers


Tourist Drivers are also known as Tourist Chauffeurs. They are trained and approved by the Tourism Development Authority. They are not allowed to offer official guided tours at touristic sites although many will have the knowledge and ability. They will be able to organise a site tour guide at any touristic site at extra cost.


It is possible that these drivers, in some cases, could have a better specific local knowledge than a Tourist Guide Lecturer, who will normally have a more general knowledge of Sri Lanka. Also in some cases they could possess better foreign language skills especially if they have lived abroad.


It is worth understanding that most Tourist Drivers are not Tourist Guide Lecturers because they do not have the money to fund themselves on the course and not because they would not be able to do the job.

Unapproved Drivers

There are also many unapproved drivers in Sri Lanka; know that the only way to know if someone is approved or not is from seeing their current identification and not necessarily believing what is written on their website.

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