What is the Cost of a Car and Driver in Sri Lanka in 2019?

What is an Average Cost?

This is not a simple question to answer as the cost depends on many different factors. Average round trip costs are generally between 50 and 60 USD per day for a medium size car. The Trip Cost Calculator can calculate and compare the overall cost of a car and driver for a one way or round trip hire.

What Factors Affect the Cost?

Factors to consider when calculating the cost of a car and driver in Sri Lanka in 2019:

  • A freelance driver will normally be 10-20% cheaper than a tour company.
  • An older vehicle of a lower specification (i.e. no air conditioning or seat belts) will be cheaper.
  • The driver qualification will affect the price. Licensed Tourist Drivers or Tourist Guide Lecturers will often cost more as they double as guides at some tourist attractions.
  • Small minicars such as the Tata are becoming popular and will be offered for almost the same price as a tuk tuk (around 50 LKR per km compared to the normal 75 LKR per km for a sedan and 85 LKR per km for a minivan). These vehicles are not comfortable for longer trips and luggage space is severely limited.
  • The online reputation of the driver will affect the price. More experienced drivers with better reviews are in higher demand and can be up to 50% more expensive.
  • Driver food and accommodation needs to be considered and can cost between 10 and 20 USD per night if it is not provided by your hotel.

Trip Cost Calculator

Please consider the following before using the Trip Cost Calculator:

  • The Trip Cost Calculator only applies to multi day hires. For single day one way hires please see Book Driver Single Day Hire for prices.
  • It is recommended to read Types of Hire before using the calculator.
  • If unknown, the values of sections 2 and 3 can be left as the default figures.
  • Section 4 must be completed with the info from the trip. For total distance use the Distance Calculator (opens in another window).
  • If you need further help please Leave a Reply.
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