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Average round-trip costs are generally between $50 and $60 per day. The trip cost calculator can calculate and compare the overall cost of a car and driver for a one-way or round-trip hire.

Before Use

  • It is recommended to read Types of Hire before using the calculator.
  • If unknown, the values of sections 1 and 2 can be left as the default figures.
  • Section 3 must be completed with the info from the trip. For total distance use the Distance Calculator (opens in another window).

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  1. Adrienne Szabone Kovacs

    Hi, I am not really good to find out which method is the best for me, would you mind to help? Our plan is the next:
    We would like somebody pick us up from Sanjana Home Stay, Hiriwadunna (close to Habarana) at 18 March (early Morning) and take us to Sigiriya Lion Rock. After we visit it we go further to Wasgamuva National Park, for an afternoon safari and after staying one night in Safari Village Hotel. 19 March early Morning we go further to Ella and we finish here with the driver because later we use trains Both days we need to drive around 120 km.
    Can you give me a calculation, how much would be this travel with a car with driver and with his food and accommodation?
    Thanks for your answer.

    1. Admin

      Hi Adrienne, this is best as a one-way hire. The approximate cost for 120km per day is 9000LKR so total would be about 18000LKR. If you want to keep the same driver for both days then you also have to pay his daily charge if it is not included at the hotel where you are staying. This will be about 1500 to 2500LKR. You can avoid paying this if you take another driver from your hotel at the National Park to Ella. But I think in this case it is easier to pay a little extra and keep the same driver for both days.

      You can also request a price from multiple drivers in this forum on our other site:

  2. June

    Hi, from lots of reading, I surmised that one-way hire might suit us for the below itinerary start 26 March. If so, is it easy to obtain cab in Ella, Udawalawe, Yalla, or can Hotel assist? Your input or alternate suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    1 nt – Colombo (1-way cab to Kandy)
    1 nt – Kandy, then train to Ella
    2 nts – Ella (1-way cab to Udawalawe)
    2 nts – Udawalawe (1-way cab to Yalla)
    2 nts – Yalla (1-way cab to Mirissa)
    3 nts – Mirissa (1-way cab to Mirissa)
    1 nt – Galle (1-way cab to Airport)

    1. Admin

      Hi June, yes, I agree that one-way hires are the best option here. Any hotel will be happy to organise the transfer but expect to pay a commission for the service. The only thing I would change is the first night in Colombo unless there is something you really want to see. I’d stay near the airport in Negombo and then its an easier and cheaper trip to Kandy the next day.

      1. June

        Hi, many thanks for your tip. Have changed 1nt @ Horathapola Est. instead of Colombo.
        At Kandy, which train line takes us to Ella and can we take it from Mahaiyawa Station? We’re planning to stay at Grand Kandyan Hotel. Thanks again for your help. June

      2. Admin

        The trains from that station are going north, not to Ella. The trains to Ella generally leave from Peradeniya but I believe at least one of them leaves from Kandy main station. Check with your driver or whoever buys the tickets. It is generally best to board at Peradeniya anyway if you don’t have a seat reservation as it will fill up quickly at Kandy station.

  3. Laura Lennox

    Can anyone help please? We would like to go to Arugam Bay and then to Yala Nat Park, continuing afterwards to Mirrisa and Galle. Do we have to retrace our journey from Arugam Bay to get to Yala (ie to Monoragala) or can we go along the coast from AB to Yala Nat Park?

    What are the distances and times involved for both routes if indeed both are possible?
    Many thanks Laura

    1. Admin

      Hi Laura, yes you have to go via Monaragala, the coast road does not connect through from Kumana to Yala. So it is 175km, about 4 hours by car.

  4. Laura Lennox

    Thank you so much – sadly I think we will have to miss Arugam Bay and will have to look for a similar place on south coast between Yala and Galle. Any recommendations?

    Also, the distance calculator is fantastic but I am trying to equate this to approx length of travel time. Can you help in any way?
    BIG thanks Laura

    1. Admin

      In my experience an average speed of 50km/h is a good place to start planning. Can be as slow as 40km/h or as fast as 60km/h though. It would depend on route and time of day.

  5. Admin

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