Tour Buddy – Manju shows us Sri Lanka’s south

Manju is an excellent driver. This was my third visit to Sri Lanka and I’ve experienced bad drivers whom I have relieved of duty part-way through the trip. This time, travelling with my husband and my parents, we always felt comfortable, safe and secure. We stayed in the south and since Manju is from the south he was very familiar with all the things we wished to do and places we wanted to go. I had a rough plan and he helped polish it so we got the most out of each stop and never had to be in the van for too long. He also took us to nice clean restaurants that exactly met our needs. We never had to wait or find Manju, he was always punctual and found us. After a few days he was able to anticipate our needs (coffee!) and he never pushed us to visit something that wasn’t really of interest as some drivers do. Manju’s English is a work in progress, but for our purposes it was plenty to get us what we wanted and where we needed to go.

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