Travel BeingdoM – A perfect holiday getaway !!

First I would like to thanks this platform that is only how I got in touch with althaaf,geemal and dhushy
I almost researched on my own first then came to them
I accepted their quote, how ever I got a couple of quotes cheaper too
But trust and quality matters
Geemal helped me in planning out the whole Itinerary with 24*7 availability
And Althaaf helped me in booking some hotels that I got in better price than online
I requested them that dhushy should take us around he normally helps in coordinating
But they accepted my requested and what a decision it was
Dhushy ..what a calm personality he is, on 8 days he never hesitated where we want to go, helped a lot in places to visit and took millions of pics 😁
He slept only 1 hr on day of arrival, after that too he drive with utmost safety
He came as a driver but I left him as a forever friend
Cheers to whole team
Totally recommended

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