Mack Travel Sri Lanka – Superb service, highly recommended!

MACK Travel Sri Lanka is a superb travel agency which provides a truly personal service at competitive prices.

My wife and I spent a month travelling around Sri Lanka, including around ten journeys from place to place. We didn’t have a set itinerary yet Ronnie at MACK Travel was very flexible and made the travel planning straightforward. All we had to do was WhatsApp message Ronnie a few days before each proposed journey and he would arrange for a driver and set a very reasonable price for us to pay in cash directly to the driver. Some days we arranged direct transfers from one hotel to another and on other days we arranged day tours which included guided tours of local sights and viewspots. MACK Travel made the planning effortless and we always felt we were getting an excellent rate for the service.

MACK Travel arranged for the same driver, Milan, for most of our journeys so we were quickly able to getting to know and trust him. In addition to being an excellent driver, Milan is also very knowledgable about Sri Lankan history and culture so gave us fascinating guided tours of the main sights en route. Milan has good contracts throughout Sri Lanka and was able to arrange activities for us, including an excellent Safari drive and a spice garden tour. Milan also recommended detours to where he knew we could find wildlife (elephants) and where we could take the best photographs.

We had a wonderful month exploring Sri Lanka and are very grateful to MACK Travel and Milan for their superb service. We thoroughly recommend them as a highly professional, reliable and competitive travel agency.

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