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Sudarshan was very sweet. Right from the booking, he wanted to make sure everything was set and ready to go. He checked in from time to time and also helped us tweak our itinerary so our travel was most efficient. He provided suggestions and explanations to the places we visited. His car was also very neat and comfortable for our largely drive-dominated journey.

I just want to put it out there, that we were three people and we’re from India. So we aren’t your average tourists, and I think that has to be emphasized a little more since we didn’t want to see things we knew we could find in India.

There were one or two things suggested which, although was on the way to our destination, seemed unnecessary.

We were also disappointed with the lack of communication regarding Colombo city. We knew the traffic would be a problem but we were not informed that the city slept quite early (7pm). Had we known that, we would have left early and would have had the chance to see more.

We weren’t able to experience the nightlife / casino in Colombo, as he seemed reluctant to drive us around during the later part of the day. He mentioned that a majority of travellers he got were dropped off by 6 pm, and he expected us to be back by 6 as well – however as mentioned, we wanted to see more.

He brought us home-cooked food in Colombo which was a very sweet gesture.

He’s a very good guide for people who want to see tourist spots, however, for people who want local experiences need to mention so specifically before. All in all we had a good time with him.

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