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A couple of weeks ago some friends and I went on a tour in Sri Lanka, at first we wanted to do everything by public transport, later when we were making our itinerary we noticed it would take us too much time and effort so we decided to look for some other options. On a blog we’ve read about ‘See Sri Lanka tours’ and we immediately took contact with them. Together we spoke about our itinerary, how we would like to spend our holiday and they gave us some good advice aswel, so together we changed a bit of our plans to make our route more logical and this literally saved us days! I was traveling from Switzerland and my friends who were traveling from Brussels had some delay with their airplane which kept them another night in Abu Dhabi and I would arrive alone int the middle of the night in Colombo. Thankfully this was no problem at all, ar the airport Dilanjan was waiting for me with a big smile so I instantly felt welcome. The car/van was very spacious and Dila made sure it was clean every morning when he picked us up from our hotel. Even though we were always late, we never had to wait on him for a minute, even if we wanted to hike up the Adams peak in the middle of the night this was no problem at all, he even showed us the way on the Pidurangala Rock where we could see the sunrise. He knew so much about history, culture and nature and he taught us a lot. It was a full experience, whenever he saw something interesting like the rice fields, mango trees or hidden waterfalls he would make a quick stop to tell us more about it if we wanted to. Over the days we became closer and closer and eventually he became part of our ‘family’. Whenever you are traveling as a couple or you want to have some privacy he can also keep his distance. He became our taxi, tourguide and most importantly our friend. I am happy we’ve met Dilanjan because he made our holiday one of the best we’ve ever had!
Thank you so so much 🙏🏻❤️

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