Amazing Sunshine Holidays – A “Shan”lankan Vacation

So how many drivers would go that extra mile ( well many extra miles actually) to make sure you had a pleasant vacation ? How many drivers would accommodate every need and wish of tours ? Well I’m sure this genie in his Honda Hybrid would 🙂

There are not many times where you feel you are smarter than google, But with Shan you might just feel about that every day. He and his friends(guides) knew the weather gods and the driveways than Mr. Google himself. So, we had such an amazing vacation with perfectly planned days. Without Shan our plans could have been as tangled as those string hoppers on our plate (which btw are delicious when dipped in chicken curry). He knew all those cozy hideaway spots which would just make your “wanna be local” feelings tickle a little more.

Even though his family needed his assistance, he was making sure we still had a perfect vacation. It was absolutely hastle free and I have no hesitation in recommending Shan for your vacation.

We Loved you shan! I really doubt if anyone has ever felt otherwise !

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