Mango Vacations – 10 days in SL

I landed in SL as a first time, slightly nervous solo traveller, with a tour booked. Sali, met me at the airport and instantly put me at ease. Compassionate persona, perfect English and he adapts well to the mood.. When tired, energetic etc.

He adapted the tour really well to my specific interests and fitness level. I currently have a shoulder / back Injury so he helped me so much on the hikes when he could see I was struggling to balance or carry things. His knowledge of everything was incredible, he knows so much about Sri Lanka, the food, the culture, history and the wildlife.

The experience I had with sali, was like being on the tour with a friend id known for years. He was really caring and ensured i was always safe, getting the best deals when buying things and researched where the best places to do our extra activities were. He really did think of everything and helped so much, even ensuring the food was at a spice level suitable to what I could handle.
He had great knowledge of photography too, he was really good at helping change my camera to the environment and took great pictures when I wanted to be in them.

He completely exceeded all expectations!

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