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We engaged Jagath on a 7D6N tour in Sri Lanka. I have nothing but praise for the service rendered. There is literally nothing we can complain about. The sedan car we were on was cool and comfy. Jagath moved the front passenger seat all the way in front and removed the headrest so the left passenger seat could see the road/scenery. Eloquent, polite, considerate, good english and very knowledgeable about the geography and history about the places we visit.

Jagath goes above and beyond the normal tour guide services we usually experience. Even before we went over, he took the initiative to ask for and go through our itinerary with us and made several insightful changes. I strongly recommend all customers to send their itinerary to Jagath before booking any accommodations, he is extremely helpful in this area.

Jagath demonstrated his problem solving ability when we encountered flooding in southern Sri Lanka during our trip. He made sure that we knew of the flooding and we might need to make changes to our plans. Thankfully, the flood subsided and we did not have to make any major changes to our travel plans. Nevertheless, this incident showcased Jagath’s thoughtfulness towards the tourists under his care, making sure we got to the airport in time to catch our flight.

We are planning another trip to Sri Lanka in the near future and for sure we will engage Jagath again.

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