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I really enjoyed sharing my time in Sri Lanka with my driver and guide Suda. As a solo female traveler, Suda was always very polite, funny, positive and sensitive to the things I needed during my trip here.
I’m sure some customers can difficult to understand or meet their expectations but Suda was wonderful! He was patient and responsive with all my pre-arrival correspondence and promptly answered all my questions. He definitely ensured I saw and did everything I came here to see and do.
Coming straight from a very demanding job, I needed to initially decompress and relax so I could enjoy my trip. Suda understood when I just needed quiet time and he later happily chatted with me about many interesting Sri Lankan cultural and historic things when I wasn’t lost in contemplative thought. He was respectful of my need for quiet time and I really appreciated him for that.
I strongly urge anyone coming to Sri Lanka seeking relaxation and sight-seeing to hire Suda to always get you safely and swiftly where you want to be. His bright shining face was always a pleasure to see each morning and I never ever worried about a single thing while traveling under his care. Do yourself a big favor and let Suda show you his country. He is a really good person and I know you will be very pleased.
An example of the personal care Suda gave me included being able to hike “Little Adam’s Peak” AND journey to see the famous “Nine Arch Bridge” in one day. Busy but exciting day for sure! I never could have seen both attractions in one day without having my trusty guide Suda to make it easy and doable.

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