Sri Lanka Dream Tour – Sri Lanka tour 2019

When we were planning our holiday in Sri Lanka, first we wanted to rent a car and drive on our own. However, friends who were already there stongly advised us to use the service of the professional driver. We followed this advice and it was the best decision we could have made. Not only we got all the comfort for our travelling and we didn´t have to worry about extremely busy Sri Lankan traffic, rules and directions, but we were also very lucky to get the best driver. Mr. Damith was waiting for us at the airport and since the very beginning we knew that he is a really great personality. During entire our journey, he was very attentive and caring and of course he was very good and experienced driver. Besides that, he was the best guide we could have wished. Thanks to him, we learnt a lot about Sri Lanka, its history, culture and traditions. He explained a lot about typical food (including recipees), he got us different types of local fruit and was ready to answer all our questions. We absolutely relied on him regarding security or food safety questions and he accompanied us for all our trips. I think that hiring a driver and particularly as nice and experienced as Mr. Damith is something that can enhance the travelling and make the impression from the journey extraordinaire.

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