Axio Travel – Sri Lanka Review

Date: 20th to 29th April 2019.
Driver: Kitsiri Zoyza

My wife and I have just returned from the most wonderful holiday in Sri Lanka, of which we spent nearly 10 days with Kitsiri who was our exceptional driver.

Having not had a driver for a holiday before, we were a little apprehensive about spending so much time with another person that we didn’t know. We really needn’t have been! Kitsiri was a perfect host, tour guide and an exceptionally safe driver.

The latter part was particularly important as we arrived in Sri Lanka the day after the recent terrorist attacks. Consequently Kitsiri made sure that we were safe everywhere we went (and we absolutely did feel safe with him) and he kept us abreast of the local news.

He was incredibly accommodating, making suggestions about places and times to visit as well as ensuring that if we wanted to do a visit a certain way, we would do it that way. Everything was done at our pace and we didn’t feel pressured at all.

We really don’t think we would have been able to see so much beauty in Sri Lanka or learnt so much without Kitsiri. From the country’s history, to fabulous vista spots, to local wildlife, to the best stalls for fresh buffalo curd, to how to get ahead of the queues, we learnt and benefitted a great deal from having Kitsiri accompany us on our trip. He has a huge amount of experience from doing these trips for nearly twenty years and as a consequence, he is well-known – every new place that we went to, he seemed to have a friend in town!

Kitsiri is a polite, friendly, caring, family man with a good sense of humour, so we felt like we got along very well. He also knew exactly when we needed ‘quiet time’ so we didn’t feel the need to keep conversing the whole time.

We would highly recommend Kitsiri as a driver to anyone. We had a remarkable experience in Sri Lanka, a country that we absolutely loved, and much of this we thank Kitsiri for. We hope to return soon!

Nick and Hannah

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