Sanju Travels – Great 9 days in Sri Lanka

Great 9 days in Sri Lanka
Mr Sanju from Sanju Travels confirmed the service for an english speaking driver but he fell ill and informed us when we where already traveling that it would be another driver to do the service. We were a bit worried because, when we met the new driver, Mr. Nadee, we found that he spoke very little English. As we had done an itinerary and wanted only driver and not a guide to accompany us to the sites we decided to see how it ran …. and it went very well.
Mr. Nadee is an excellent driver who made us feel safe from day one.
He was always attentive to our needs and available for our requests even a couple of days when we abused a little and he was with us for 12 hours in a row.
He showed to be a very simple and kind person, complying with the schedules, always present when we needed but giving us space and without imposing his presence and this was exactly what we were looking for.
Thank you so much Nadee for these wonderful days.

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