Lanka i Leisure – Manju we give You 6 stars on a scale of 1 to 5

Sri Lanka was our first stop on our Asia trip. We never been here before and decided to spend a week, 9th to 16th of Mars 2019, witch of course was too little.  Finally decided not to rent a car by our own (even if my work mate from India said that the way to do it), we started to look for driver. We found “” that seemed to be a very smart organised and felt trustworthy. After browsing reviews of drivers we found Manjula Fernando that had reviews that was exceptional (so we figured that either he wrote them himself or that’s the driver we want to go with).

After a week with Manju we can just conclude that all good stuff written make sense. He is an excellent driver, smoothly flow with the traffic, you never feel afraid. the car is comfortable (perfect for two but I guess works fine for three).  He has a very good knowledge of all Sri Lanka, not just the touristic stuff but also all the other strange things we asked about. Last but not least, his flexibility and ability to always find a good solution on whatever you ask for is amassing. We didn’t had time for a Safari but Manju managed to drive into an elephant that stooped the traffic on the high-way  (see wild elephant check).

We found Manju be kind and genuine by heart and 100% honest.

Manju we hope to stay friends with You and promise to be there for us next time.

Suye and Patrik