Taxi Habarana – One out of a thousand!

We have been traveling around some different countries, hiring drivers for longer and shorter periods, but Kosala (Taxi Habarana) is a complete different league… in a very positive way! Here’s why:
– you can count on him, he is always ahead of time, he keeps his promises
– he is an atypical driver in my opinion, very well educated, very polite, an honarable man with a good set of values, a true gentlemen. We traveled with two ladies, but never ever felt uneasy. In fact we felt very safe and treated with respect.
– it took only a few minutes for us to realize we had won the jackpot with Kosala! We connected very well, had great discussions, laughed a lot, visited his family, … We consider him as our tall, little brother.
– we were impressed of how easily Kosala connects with people around, regardless of class or standing. Everyone also seemed to be impressed by and respected him. A true gentlemen, as I stated above.
– Kosala has really the best in mind for his clients and has a well developed sense of good and wrong, even to the point he would stand up for us in restaurants where he felt we were not well treated/ had to pay too much because we were Westerners. Any decision on what to visit, which stores to visit was not driven from a commision perspective. Kosala doesn’t like the concept of commissions, as he feels that he needs to look at the best for his clients, not him first.
– he was the first ever driver we hired who really “got us” very early on, knew how much time we needed for what, what we liked and could be very interested in beyond what we had already in mind. I was impressed.
– even though I am quite good at planning and researching, he further optimized our plans, avoiding using the same road twice in a trip (I love that!), squeezing in some great add on’s.
– he never gave the impression “to take over”, leaving us having our holiday, doing what we liked to do without compromises
– we specifically asked Kosala to have lunch/ dinner with us in local places eating the local food, not the Western adapted places. This way we were ensured of good food against the right prices.
– We hired Kosala originally for 5 days, but extended him for 6 more days. The best decision ever!!
– with pain in our hearts we said goodbye. But we will meet again, hopefully next year.

Thank you so much Kosala for the time we were able to travel with you!
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