Coconut Tours – Sam 12 Day Tour Dec-18/Jan-19

Reliable company, accurate communication and Sam was great – would use again.
Things can go wrong on holiday and ours was not trouble free. We had arranged for Coconut Tours (CT) to pick us up from an airport hotel at 8am for the trip down to Galle for Christmas. Unfortunately Sam was ill and phoned to let us know that he would not be able to pick us up, but another driver would drive us for the first few days. Unfortunately, on his way to us, this driver was involved in an accident and had to be taken to hospital. Of course no one knew what had happened, but as soon as CT found out, Stefan drove out to our hotel to let us know and though upset for his colleague worked the phones to arrange another van for us (in short supply at short notice in the holiday season) and offered to drive us to Galle in his car to start our holiday proper if he get couldn’t get one quickly and we didn’t mind the squeeze. We did get another van (Toyota Super GL) and driver after some hours delay and eventually set off for Galle. We kept this van and driver for a couple of days, and CT arranged another (small Suzuki) van and driver to take us to from Galle to Yala.
After a couple of days at Yala, Sam (now recovered) was able to pick us up in his Toyota Super GL and things improved. Sam is a great driver and has travelled all over Sri Lanka prior to joining CT so he knows lots of appropriate places to see and good places to eat. His education, humour and English are all good and he is an interesting person to spend time with, aside from all his knowledge of the places we visited. He even got tickets for the four of us in the Observation Car on the the train from Nanu-Oya to Peradeniya Junction – I’d not ridden on this hill train before, so this was a real highlight for me – and drove the van and luggage to meet us in Kandy. Sam was outstanding when our kids (young adults) fell ill (these things happen), first one, then the other. For two nights in a row he responded in the middle of the night to take one or other of them to a 24 hour hospital clinic (he already knew the best hospitals in Anuradhapura) for injections to stop the vomiting and pills to clear up their tummy bugs. He could not have been kinder to them or more helpful when talking our way into the doctor’s surgery as quickly as possible.
In short, when things did go wrong CT did not let us down and Sam in particular helped us all have a great and memorable (for the right reasons) holiday and saw it as his personal responsibility to look after all our needs while we were in Sri Lanka. I’m glad I made the decision to have a local van and driver (we couldn’t have all travelled on the train together without one) and we were lucky to have Sam and the care he gave us all in sickness and in health.