See Sri Lanka Tours – 18 day tour with Chaminda

I would like to provide some feedback on our recent travels in Sri Lanka and in particular our driver, Chaminda.

We chose Chaminda for our 18 day trip around Sri Lanka in September after reading his reviews. We were very happy with our choice and if anything, Chaminda exceeded our expectations.

Our trip was not the usual trip. We are a family with kids aged 7 and 9 and we don’t really like to stay still. In fact we managed to see a lot of the country and our trip was more of an adventure than a holiday.

During our many days on the move, Chaminda was always punctual, insightful and supportive of our ambitious plans. He is a gentleman, with a family, and understood that there are often some unexpected events when traveling with children. Prior to booking our trip with Chaminda, we had explored the option of using a combination of a driver and public transport, but at times when our 7 year old was sick, having a local look after you was priceless.

Selecting a driver for the whole trip was definenately the right thing to do for us. We had more time to see more of the places we wanted to go and we also had a local with a passionate love for his country. Chaminda has a sharp eye for spotting wildlife and this meant that we saw a number of elephants which we may not have seen as the heavy rains meant that we didn’t go on a safari.

Chaminda got to understand our needs quickly and was happy stop the van MANY times for Amber to take 1 of her 2,000+ photos that she took on the trip. Chaminda was also good at choosing places to eat. Many places that we may have passed over, we tried on Chaminda’s advice. He was also able to help with choices for accommodation if we hadn’t found a place for ourselves. Prior to the trip, I would have considered myself a reasonable driver, but I would not consider driving in Sri Lanka. The roads compared to my native Australia are worlds apart and Chaminda navigated them with ease and safely.

Overall, our time in Sri Lanka was enhanced as Chaminda was an honest, trustworthy, hardworking and easy going driver. We enjoyed his company and I would definitely recommend Chaminda to anyone who wants to get the most out of their time in Sri Lanka.


Tim Stanley