Eagle Eye Holidays Sri Lanka – Excellent Driver Service Which Made Our Trip

My girlfriend and I travelled to Sri Lanka from 16-24 December 2017 and had the pleasure of having Thuminda be our driver for the full 9 days.

Thuminda was very warm and welcoming. He was extremely helpful to us – conversing with the locals at the hotels/restaurants to ensure that they understood our requests/made sure that we were going in the right direction. He would help with luggage and always made sure that there was a bottle of water for us. He entertained all our questions about Sri Lanka and the culture. He is a good communicator and very gladly shared many things about his home country.

He was always punctual as well as a conscientious and careful driver. I was initially concerned that we would have to rely on a stranger to drive us for long hours. Being a driver myself, I would say that Thuminda was always cautious and responsible. At no point did I have to question his driving or felt unsafe. I also noticed that he would clean his car every day before coming to pick us up.

Thuminda also accompanied us on several of our hikes. He was very knowledgable about the attractions and different places we visited. It was great to have Thuminda act as our guide as well. I felt that his knowledge was very enriching to our experience. He was always up for the challenge to accompany us. Even though we invited him for most of the activities in our trip as we had come to enjoy his company, he was always polite in excusing himself so that we could spend time alone.

I highly recommend Thuminda to all my friends who plan to visit Sri Lanka. I am so thankful that we had such a capable and caring driver. I am very glad to have made my first Sri Lankan friend! Thuminda, thank you for the great company and service!