Gazebo Tours – 10 days round trip with Esala

We (29 years both) have been to Sri Lanka for our Honeymoon and have booked a 10 days round trip in Dec 2017 / Jan 2018.
Our driver was Esala (Gazebo Tours is his company). He is an official member of the Sri Lanka tourist board and knows a lot about the country. He could answer almost all our questions directly. Otherwise he did after a short phone call to a friend. He explained the history about all attractions in Sri Lanka and gave tips for further tours.
And what we liked most: He has shown the real Sri Lankan food in small restaurants and a lot of (for European) unknown fruits.
In his car (Toyota) we had free WiFi.
To sum up Esala is a very kind and pleasent guy you can trust. We can really recommend him and his company.