Days – 8 from Colombo Airport to Colombo Airport on 22-08-2021

Days – 8 from Colombo Airport to Colombo Airport on 22-08-2021

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Name – Matt | Start Date – 22-08-2021 | End Date – 29-08-2021 | Adults – 2 | Children – | Start Location – Colombo Airport | Start Time – 6pm | End Location – Colombo Airport | Total Days – 8 | Driver Days Required – 8

22nd Aug – arrive at Colombo airport, go to hotel nearby
23 Aug – drive up to hotel near Anuradhapura (have a hotel in mind), perhaps taking in Sigiriya rock
24th Aug – Anuradhapura ruins and 4×4 safari
25th Aug – drive to Kandy via Dambulla caves
26th Aug – get train to Ella (have a hotel in mind)
27th Aug – relax at hotel, maybe hike
28th Aug – perhaps visit a local tea plantation
29th Aug – drive back to Colombo airport

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