Monday 5th August to Monday 12th August, 8 Days

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Monday 5th August to Monday 12th August, 8 Days

User: dwayne
Sigiriya - Kandy - Ella - Kottawatta Village - Mirissa - Colombo

We are 2 persons and we need a driver for the following, Can anyone arrange a price for us and also train tickets please:
1. Monday 5th August - Sigiriya Village to Kandy.
2. Wednesday 7th August - Kandy to Ella – We are catching a train from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya and was hoping someone could pick us up at Nuwara Eliya station and take us to Ella. We need to book train tickets also.
3. Friday 9th August - Ella to Kottawatta Village
4. Saturday 10th August - Kottawattta Village to Mirissa
5. Monday 12th August - Mirissa to Colombo Airport.


Thank you.

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