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Booking Advice

  1. The average price for a multi-day hire should be between 50 and 60USD per day for a normal sized vehicle. Be aware that drivers who quote less than this may try to make money by taking clients to tourist attractions where they earn commission or by using an old or very small vehicle. We do not recommend accepting a driver for less than 50USD per day unless there is a good reason.
  2. Confirm who your driver will be and what vehicle they will use. Will your driver be the person you are messaging, will it be the driver with reviews or will it be someone else.
  3. Check what the price includes and excludes. Are driver accommodation and food, toll fees, parking fees and insurance all included. If the driver says “fully inclusive” then no extra costs can be added.
  4. Check the payment terms and cancellation policy which can be different for each driver.
  5. Check the driver business listing to see photos of their vehicle(s). There is a link to the photos at the end of each message you receive. It is not recommended to accept any offer without seeing a photo of the vehicle.
  6. Confirm the total price and accept the quote before communicating privately off the site. After the total price is confirmed drivers on this site are not permitted to change the price. If they try this they will be removed.
  7. Also see Best Advice or try the Forums.
  8. Terms and Conditions: Please read our full Terms and Conditions before making a booking.