Marketing Advice for Drivers

Here are a few tips you can use to best present your name or brand to prospective future clients.

Use the Company Name

If you have a company or brand name then you should introduce it in the first line of your first comment, post or PM. An example would be “Hi, this is <your name> from <company name>.” Prospective clients are much more likely to trust a company name than a personal name.

Update your Business Listing

More emails are sent to users with up to date photos of drivers and vehicles. Your business listing photos, especially the main photo, are what will get you noticed by future clients. We also recommend you to fully complete all fields in the listing so that you appear in all searches.

Get Reviews

The best way to stand out in the crowd is to get regular reviews. Please ask your clients to leave a review on this website where they will be shared to the Facebook page. This is what people want to see when choosing a driver or tour company.

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