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We make recommendations of local tour operators and freelance drivers based on the following criteria:

  1. They have received five positive reviews on our Reviews page.
  2. They receive at least one new review every three months.
  3. They have not received a complaint in three months.

Since July 2019 all our user reviews are rated with a number between 1 and 5:

  1. The average rating is based on the rated reviews only.
  2. The total number of reviews shown in brackets consists of unrated and rated reviews.

Forum Rules

  1. Please keep content relevant and avoid excessive spam in the forums.
  2. Drivers can offer advice but must not self-promote in the "General Questions" and "Itinerary Advice" forums.
  3. Drivers are limited to one post per day in the "Driver Offers" forum and must not include any contact details such as email addresses or telephone numbers.
  4. Repeated failure to respect the rules will result in a ban from the forums.

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