Sri Lanka Centro Tours

Sri Lanka Centro Tours
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Rating: Five Star
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Name: Sri Lanka Centro Tours
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Business: Tour Operator
Areas: All Areas, North, South, East, West, Central
Vehicle Options: Minivan, Saloon, Small Car, SUV, Child Seats
Languages: English, German, Hindi
Address: No 10 Lewella Road, Kandy

Centro Tours works with a transformative passion to connect minds make conversation and create travel dreams a presence in life. With many years of service experience, we are a group of adventurers who are dedicated to travel, obsessed about discovering something new to try and connect with people through life’s adventures. No matter what, we refuse to surrender excellence and our confidence to unite unforgettable moments with like-minded travelers while making a devoted promise to make your vacation a hassle-free holiday, complete with authentic local Lankan adventures.
The undeniable truth of our earth is that it is filled with experiences and adventures. Sri Lanka, being an island of magnificent beauty and raw emotions of love and compassion, is a bucket list worthy paradise. Surrounded by endless beaches, this island is the land for tropical travelers with its warm weather, ancient ruins, religious sites, spectacular festivals, friendly people, magnificent wildlife, thrilling safaris, luscious waves, affordable rates and thrilling train rides. Additionally, the popular tea and the spicy, tasty food make the land so enchanting and exciting.
This decade is all about breaking barriers between borders and connecting to real humans to experience their perspective about life, and our tours and trips are all about you and the adventure you want to have on our island.

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