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Steven Campbell
We hired Sanju for a 6 hour journey between Ella to Colombo. He was very punctual and reasonably priced. His van was extremely comfy with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and charging points. I was even able to recline my seat to sleep!! Would highly recommend.
Luke Larrivain
We used Sanju several times during our stay in Sri Lanka. He was brilliant, very helpful and provided us with some great advice as well took us to see some interesting places. His car is vary spacious and always clean. We really recommend him.
Shimrit Manor
Good drivers, welcoming people, wonderful cars. Thanks for your service. Will continue to recommend you to other travelers ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
Amy Parker
If you are looking for a reliable, friendly and reasonably priced driver for you Sri Lanka holiday - Sanju is your man! He is easy to get in contact with on WhatsApp, gave us instructions on where to meet at the airport before we flew, took us to good places to eat, and was a very safe and trustworthy driver. Thanks Sanju
Niki Jayne
Great journey with a very reasonable price. Thanks guys
Patrick Mayhew
Perfect service
Adel Ntr
He was a very good driver and offered us a superb deal! His driving was very good and he tried to make everything as comfortable as possible. His van was very spacious and we enjoyed our ride with WiFi on board. Great guy!
Jan Swiatkowski
It was great pleasure having great tour with Sanju in Sri Lanka. Very professional services. If you plan to go to Sri Lanka take Sanju and will not regret
Ann Kristin
Sanju is the best driver in Sri Lanka. He is very friendly, always on time and the van is clean, comfortable and offers WiFi. Prices are very reasonable and we always felt safe during the trips. We highly recommend !
Jonas Nuts
Best driver!
Lena Malone
Sanju is a very nice and trustable driver! He took us from Arugam bay back to Colombo. Everything worked out as it was planned.Thanks for the nice ride in your comfortable van! ๐Ÿ™‚
Mathias Thi
One of the best vehicles in Sri Lanka. Good van with comfertable seats, a/c, Bluetooth, power. Sanju is a really nice guy. We enjoyed the ride with him ๏ฟฝ
Shae Heyward
Sanju's van is very roomy & comfortable. He offers wifi, bluetooth connection to play your choice of music through the speakers as well as charging sockets for your electrical devices. He arrived on time, is very friendly and offers competitive prices. Highly recommend!
All Areas, North, South, East, West, Central

My Name is Sanju .who is well experienced tourist guide in Sri Lanka.
I have been working as National guide since 1996. Before I started this Sanju Travels I had worked in under Several travel agencies in Sri Lanka. Now in present now I’m able to organize tours and I can arrange accommodation which are A grade Guest Houses and One Star to Five Star Hotels according to your request. Not only hotels and other needs that you want for your tour can be arranged according to suite your budget. My tour plan always consist with your interest. because this is your holiday so you must spend your holiday as your wish with your interests.

It is privilege for me to show my country to you. I show my country safely and comfortably my driving is so carefully and vehicle is always very clean manner and fully insured on behalf of you. Your responsibility is in my hand since arrival from Air port to Air Port Departure.